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On a personal note, this is a reply I wrote about a Facebook post about hitting kids to make them respect others (and yes I am a mum!):

"I'm not into spanking children, personally I don't find it respectful or in any way helpful to children, how can they learn to value themselves? You can hurt and intimidate kids into thinking others deserve more than them or are more important, or you can talk to them and make them feel a worthwhile part of the world. If they respect themselves it's easy to respect others. All they need is our love , care and understanding, it's hard growing up. If as adults we got upset and started yelling - what do we call it if the other party hit us and sent us to our room? Hitting isn't love it's lazy."

PLEASE talk to your kids, tell them you love them, even if you're angry. If they are upset they probably have good reason to be they are after all human and have every right to feel ALL of life's emotions. If they don't handle their emotions well, give them some time and then when they are calmer ask them how you can help and some ideas that could help both sides deal with that sort of situation better in the future. I have done this with my son since he was little and now have the most lovely young man that always makes me so proud. Yes it takes more time and more effort but I hope you think they are worth it.

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